Our Team

Darren R. Coffman
President and Owner

Melanie Noakes
Vice-President, Secretary

Kim Marlay
Operations Manager

Erin Mantia
Individual Marketing Manager

Julie Coffman
Specialty Markets

Rick Jester
Sales Associate and Seniors Consultant

Jennifer Cole
Director of Client Relations

We Are Your Friends With Benefits

Here is what your “Friends with Benefits” are all about and what we bring to the game.

Knowledgeable, Strong, Accountable and making good on Promises, words all companies seem to use but few ever deliver on them. Benefits Unlimited, Incorporated and Shomebenefits.com not only deliver on these words but prove them through an uncompromisable commitment to service, superior products and a genuine willingness to listen to what our clients true needs are when it comes to health and life benefits.
Knowledge is gained by years of experience and dedication to an industry. We have over 100 years of combined health and life benefits experience. Our total emphasis is on managing the health and life insurance needs of our clients. That is it, we do not try to be experts in anything else. Health and life benefits are all we do and everything we know.

Strength is built upon a foundation of valued clients and the integrity that is earned through the companies we represent to every client. Our strength is in our people and the thousands of clients we provide services to each year. Strength ensures longevity, which is why we have been right here in the Ozarks for over 15 years as a company you can count on.

Accountability is not just a word but also a business life style. Our President, Darren Coffman directs our company with the common sense knowledge that “a company’s true character can only be seen and measured by how they treat others. Our clients are cared for as if we depend on them for our own survival! Thats because we do.

Promises are only good if they are kept. Since the true measure of anyone is based upon his or her own words and keeping them, we pride ourselves with sharing with you these testimonials from a few of our invaluable clients.



Why we say "We're your Friends
with Benefits"!

Photo of  Darren CoffmanMaking the right moves in choosing the best solutions for your health benefits requires a plan and strategy that is proven. Like the game of chess, each move creates a different set of challenges, decisions and obstacles to overcome. One wrong move can produce unexpected results where you may find yourself in checkmate! When it comes to health benefits, you need a friend that you can trust to coach you through the game that many individuals and businesses must conquer. Call upon Benefits Unlimited, Inc to be your friend when you are ready to win the game.

Benefits Unlimited Inc, Insurance - Health, Springfield, MO

Featured Partners


  Group Health, Life, Dental Disability and Vision care plans for groups of 2 or more. Flexibility with multiple plan designs utilizing POS, PPO, HSA high deductible plans. This carrier offers multi-plan offerings within a single group. Anthem has a complete portfolio of individual medical products as well.


  One of the nations largest health insurance providers with plans available for groups with as few as two employees. Multiple plans available within each group. United Health has an array of optional benefits such as life, dental, vision and disability for both small and large groups. Coverage available through a number of different funding approaches. United offers a number of individual programs as well.


  Coventry offers a wide variety of health plan options with dual plan capabilities. Plans are available for both small and large employers with local representation in Springfield, Missouri. Competitive rates and specialty offerings of health wellness programs and hands on educational seminars and classes available to members.