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The service you expect from your health insurance advisor is second only to having the right coverage. Our dedicated service department is second to none in the industry. We implement within each customer’s plan, a service strategy that is specifically designed for each client’s special needs. We truly are your “Friends with Benefits” and we stand behind each plan we manage whether they are a large employer or an individual policyholder.

Here are some of the services that are part of our ongoing commitment to each and every customer we represent:
  • Comprehensive market analysis of available plans specific to you
  • Service plan designed with only you in mind
  • Your own customer service representative. Real live people!
  • Provider search to maximize your benefits
  • Claim negotiation on your behalf for maximum coverage
  • Multi-level health and wellness programs
  • Ongoing group and individual educational meetings to assure you fully understand how to get the most from your program
  • Dedicated liaison for you with your insurance company. No need to ever call your insurance company
  • One on one personalized support and plan management
  • Online forms, applications and communications
  • And much MUCH more!
Jennifer Cole

Director of Customer Relations

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Why we say "We're your Friends
with Benefits"!

Photo of  Darren CoffmanMaking the right moves in choosing the best solutions for your health benefits requires a plan and strategy that is proven. Like the game of chess, each move creates a different set of challenges, decisions and obstacles to overcome. One wrong move can produce unexpected results where you may find yourself in checkmate! When it comes to health benefits, you need a friend that you can trust to coach you through the game that many individuals and businesses must conquer. Call upon Benefits Unlimited, Inc to be your friend when you are ready to win the game.

Benefits Unlimited Inc, Insurance - Health, Springfield, MO

Featured Partners


  Group Health, Life, Dental Disability and Vision care plans for groups of 2 or more. Flexibility with multiple plan designs utilizing POS, PPO, HSA high deductible plans. This carrier offers multi-plan offerings within a single group. Anthem has a complete portfolio of individual medical products as well.


  One of the nations largest health insurance providers with plans available for groups with as few as two employees. Multiple plans available within each group. United Health has an array of optional benefits such as life, dental, vision and disability for both small and large groups. Coverage available through a number of different funding approaches. United offers a number of individual programs as well.


  Coventry offers a wide variety of health plan options with dual plan capabilities. Plans are available for both small and large employers with local representation in Springfield, Missouri. Competitive rates and specialty offerings of health wellness programs and hands on educational seminars and classes available to members.