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As president of Benefits Unlimited and I personally wanted to develop this site with several objectives in mind. That is; Bring to the client a system that is one of a kind in it’s offerings; facilitate an ease to clients in understanding their benefits, and; differentiate our firm from all other competitors. All this while eliminating errors, encouraging a healthier client community and assuring that the cost is at an absolute minimum. We are proud of the results and we hope you will see the obvious reason that makes us your “Friends with Benefits”

Our tools are powerful in terms of managing the entire workplace world of benefits, communicating to employee’s these benefits, providing total Health and Wellness programs and giving the Human Resources Manager ease of control through a totally interactive and virtual platform. We have chosen to partner with technology giant, A.D.A.M, the leader in online health. With this partnership we can bring to the game the Benergy 2G Communications Platform, The Client Community, the Health and Wellness Center and Ready Enroll Complete. These are only a small part of what the client can expect to experience through Benefits Unlimited and our partnership with A.D.A.M.

Darren R. Coffman

President, Benefits Unlimited Inc.

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What is Benergy G2?

Benergy is the ultimate employee benefits system that brings employee’s, their companies and their broker together in an interactive environment that facilitates easy communications through customized employee and employer portals that gives unlimited access to important benefits information and video tutorials, Benergy contains a Human Resource archive of information which is second to none and which exceeds the scope of needs of even the most savvy of HR directors. It promotes health and wellness through an exhaustive library of valuable information about health and wellness issues and development of a customized wellness plan. Benergy makes your life easy by managing the complexities of employee benefit plans and their administration. Laws and regulations necessary for the HR director to manage is only a click away. There is no other source which is more complete than Benergy. Learn more about Benergy…

Client Community

This feature is available to every group regardless of size. We will customize communication portals for you and your employee’s enabling you to instantly send announcements, distribute important company information branded to your company. We have now begun the process of better education of benefits and improve the health of the employee population. Learn More about Client Community….

Health and Wellness Center

One of the most complete and easy to navigate health and wellness resources available. Employee’s can do health assessments, watch video presentations on leading healthier, more productive lifestyles, store personal medical information in MY INFO, interact in a virtual environment aimed at creating healthier employee’s and reducing insurance costs to a minimum. Learn more about the Health and Wellness Center…

Real Value Statements

Show employee’s what they are really getting paid. With this application employers can uncover the true costs and compensation and employee receives. Create happy, productive and appreciative workers. Learn more about Real Value Statements…

Ready….Enroll Complete

Plan changes and elections during open-enrollment will never be easier than with “Ready….Enroll Complete”. Benergy provides online reviews of options to choose from, compares them and provides instant cost differences to the employee. Say goodbye to confusion and errors in enrollment Learn more about Ready….Enroll Complete…


Imagine filling out one simple online application that instantly completes the actual required application for every insurance company at once. You can with EasyApp and it is quick, secure, complete. With EasyApp you can submit your groups enrollment to all insurance companies at once so they can compete for your business. Completed applications are instantly submitted electronically to obtain solid rate offers so you are guaranteed the lowest rates possible. No stones left unturned, no guess work no problems with EasyApp. This system is outside of the Benergy Communications Platform but it’s free to all our valued clients

Kim Marlay

Your EasyApp Administrator

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Why we say "We're your Friends
with Benefits"!

Photo of  Darren CoffmanMaking the right moves in choosing the best solutions for your health benefits requires a plan and strategy that is proven. Like the game of chess, each move creates a different set of challenges, decisions and obstacles to overcome. One wrong move can produce unexpected results where you may find yourself in checkmate! When it comes to health benefits, you need a friend that you can trust to coach you through the game that many individuals and businesses must conquer. Call upon Benefits Unlimited, Inc to be your friend when you are ready to win the game.

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  One of the nations largest health insurance providers with plans available for groups with as few as two employees. Multiple plans available within each group. United Health has an array of optional benefits such as life, dental, vision and disability for both small and large groups. Coverage available through a number of different funding approaches. United offers a number of individual programs as well.


  Coventry offers a wide variety of health plan options with dual plan capabilities. Plans are available for both small and large employers with local representation in Springfield, Missouri. Competitive rates and specialty offerings of health wellness programs and hands on educational seminars and classes available to members.